1. Fawks

    I would put my dick in Jennifer Nicole Lee (not too difficult with that get up) and thrust methodically until I deposit a hefty load of baby-gel in her.

  2. Welp, there goes the imagination. No complaints for this set.

  3. mook57

    sweet weeping jesus…..i am…uh-h….sloppy seconds, please?

  4. This is one hell of a way to end the final 5. I would bend her over into the trunk, toss her salad, and then bang that ass with my cock.

  5. rantatonne

    In this edition of The Jennifer Nicole Lee we missed this week…

  6. Cock Dr

    Famewhores always go for the calculated indecent exposure shots.
    Bless their mercenary single minded hard little butt cheeks.

  7. Someday, after I’m fired or die a new guy will sit at my desk. Someday he’ll run his hand under the desk and he’ll feel some crunchy dry stuff on the underside. He’ll immediately say to himself, wow, the dead guy really liked jerking off to pics of Jennifer Nichole Lee on the Superficial.

  8. mark m

    I don’t have a clue who this girl is…but I LOVE HER!

  9. Deacon Jones

    If I was a millionaire, I would court this woman and make a legal binding contract that when I walked into my palace after a long day of smoking weed and driving my exotic sports cars, that she be positioned like this over the living room couch. And she had dinner ready too.

    • Dream bigger, Deacon. You’re going to need more than just a million for all that. And don’t forget you’re married now, so you’ll either have to split up before the money comes in, or you’ll have to dream twice as bigger.

  10. “Ok, what to wear for the day…going shopping, paparazzi following me around, it’s really windy…short skirt, no panties and hooker heels BOOYA!”

    • John

      She’s wearing a thong, fool!! But it’s nice to think that she isn’t…and what a lovely ass she has!!

  11. and there it is.

  12. Venom

    Hell yeah. Great jobs paps.

  13. Hugh Gentry

    I’d bury my face in there for an hour or two.

  14. Any Guy

    classy dude right there.

  15. ♫ “Moon over Miami … shine on as we begin … ” ♪♩

  16. Like we didn’t see this cumming … er, coming!

  17. Contusion

    Looks like something she practiced in the driveway before going shopping just to make sure she got it right.

  18. kingofbeer

    committing to long term memory.

  19. Starstruck

    I think she’s posing for this.

    • cc

      Hmmm, she went out shopping in a sheer teddy and a black thong. You think she perhaps suspected someone would take a pic?

  20. Debutante

    I didn’t know who she was and googled her. Got her website — and NOW I understand why she wears the big sunglasses ! YIKES ! There may be steroidal use going on here !

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