1. Someday, he dreams of becoming a real boy.

  2. Johnny P!

    Ahh, home again at last, where nobody knows me and I can walk the streets anonymously. Okay, you can the camera down now Mom”.

  3. Cock Dr


  4. is he trying to look like Rob Pattinson?

  5. He makes the effort to put on a stylish scarf, but he can’t tie his shoes?! Actors are idiots.

  6. EricLr

    Look I’ll let you take all the pictures you want if you’ll let me crash on your couch tonight.



  8. Venom

    When is the last time this dude had a job?

  9. Part of me still wants to hate on him but no, it was Lucas. It was all Lucas.

  10. cc

    He was great in that Stars Movie though wasn’t he?

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