1. YoMamma

    Lisa Bonet? We get it – you’re emo and nobody gets how ironically ironic you are. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Joe

    14:45, 14:46, 14:47, . . ..

  3. allieb

    I believe she´s lookin for weed… got confused by the green stuff next to her. Better luck next time.

  4. Cock Dr

    My eyes have been seared by this fashion obscenity.

  5. Vanessa, just because Jerry Brown is governor again, doesn’t mean the Linda Ronstadt look is back.

    • Given that Ronstadt didn’t wear panties—she thought they would constrict her singing—I’d say her look has been back for some time now. And you know what? There are worse looks to come back in style. Like…anything from the ’80s.

  6. Felonious Monkey

    What she’s not saying to Zac Efron: “I Got You Babe.”

  7. She’s taking this hippie shit too far. Next thing you know, she’ll be choking on a ham sandwich.

  8. Don’t worry – that lanyard and the pudgens she’s got around her hips are all she needs to keep her pants up.

  9. Biff

    More like Vanessa Pudgens…

  10. Man, I hope those pants or that sweater get caught in an escalator.

  11. Somewhere, a French whorehouse is missing its lace curtains.

  12. cutthecrap

    And a whore

  13. drex

    TIGHTS AREN’T PANTS. Spread the word.

  14. Van

    I wasn’t even born until after the ’60s, so give me a break, this is my “Doctor Who” moment in the sun.

  15. dontkillthemessenger

    Can I convince anyone that as of 12 months ago, this chick was hot?

  16. The Most Interesting

    “Hello, Mr. Curb. Do you know where I live?”

  17. If she fucks like a 60′s chick I think her wardrobe is forgivable. Hell, she won’t be in it very long anyhow…

  18. jeffiner

    she looks like a pile of vomit on top of dog fur.

  19. cc

    She’s trying to remember where she parked her Mustang II Ghia.

  20. Things I’d like to see dead in 2012:

    1. The Kardashians.
    2. Hipsters
    3. The Jersey Shore cast


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