1. whatsmyface

    I’m sorry but do I see a vajay-juice stain? See that white dot? Please don’t tell me that’s what I think it is. Eew.

    • whatsmyface

      Upon further inspection, I have decided that, yes, that is in fact vaginal juice. This bitch ain’t wearin’ no panties, you guys. I don’t fucking get it, these rich ass bitches can’t afford leggings or tights that aren’t made like one-ply toilet paper? Really? And you really can’t grace your cooch with a nice, or at least, DECENT, pair of panties? Or are you just that disgusting? Or just stupid?

      • The white dot is behind her and it’s her sweater. As far as any stains, you must have one hell of a monitor because I can’t blow the thing up big enough without distortion on my 27″ monitor. Better check the Zapruder film.

      • whatsmyface

        No, I’m talking about the white dot on the crotchal area of her black leggings. THAT white dot. You really don’t see this? Am I the only one seeing this? There’s no way.

      • BE

        Yet another devotee of the “leggings are pants” fad.
        The flash caught the shape or the stupid tights/leggings are see through thin.
        Either way – way too much information.
        I guess these idiots are above Paris Hilton’s crotch shots having something covering them – but not far. Unless they’re on a dance stage it’s hideous and even there they mostly wear skirts.

    • Ok, here’s the facts. My monitor has bigtime zoom without distortion and is equipped with the latest in smellavision. My nose is trained by scientists and as a result my olfactory skills are unsurpassed. In my expert opinion, the white dot and surrounded appearance of stain is indeed 99% vaginal seepage and 1% relative humidity.

    • sooooooosuperficial

      Panties are for the unwashed masses, they’re optional for hot women, thank God.

    • John

      I’d be more than happy to suck that stain out of those leggings for her!

  2. Looks sexy to me. I love hot chicks in yoga pants.

  3. Nice vagina pants

  4. whiskeyafternoon

    Minka Kelly? it could be virtually anyone from this photo? “random brunette at LAX”

  5. Venom

    I love this chick and she has the sexiest voice ever.

  6. Is that a faint white arrow I see pointing to her crotchal area? Does she think we need directions?

  7. jani

    That is gross! Wear some underwear and wash your p***y.

  8. Blech

    C’mon, you guys. She’s just showing Jeter what he’s clearly not interested in, see if he’ll come around.

  9. I’m a bit pissed myself. Bitch was late getting home to make my dinner!

  10. cc

    That bathrobe is unbecoming on her. On the other hand, I’d be very cumming on her.

  11. Debutante

    Hey Minka — Those tights need to go up a size.

  12. Violet

    Wear a hat, but flash your vagina.

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