1. Still very fuckable.

  2. She must be looking back at her career.

  3. I’m in love!!! And I dont need a time machine.

  4. I’d call her a “has been”, but I think a more appropriate term is “never was”.

  5. She’s still got that dynamite body and I think if she were to start revealing more skin, people would forget about that nasty accident that messed up her face.

  6. Larry

    When I saw her for the first time (post-cosmetic surgery) on Law and Order SVU, I didn’t even recognize her but I thought to myself “holy shit that chick is HOT.” Once I realized who she was, I said that she was the first actress I felt that plastic surgery had really REALLY done well with. She’s never been unattractive, but whatever the plastic surgeons did to her (eyes, lips and nose for sure, cheekbones possibly, chin, and she maybe even had her teeth worked on or ground down?) was a vast improvement. I think she absolutely looks better now than she did 20 years ago. I always thought she looked a bit like an over-inflated Phoebe Cates. A bit too toothy, lips too full and pouty, and too much lantern jaw. Now? Daaaang….

    Just my opinion, though…

  7. Fruitless McBerrytits

    I’d put it in her butt.

    Again and again and again.

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