1. dontkillthemessenger

    Prince, did you hear the one about the Princess in the high speed car chase?

    I think I know how it ends, but tell me anyway.

  2. B&WM.instrel

    “So your mother rings and says how would you like a little head?”

  3. “I’m never going to be King, am I?

  4. “So Mother says….. she says… OH GOD, I can’t stop laughing… that Diana is taking a permanent ROAD TRIP!! AHAHAAHAA You get it? Mother had her offed.”

  5. oldfool

    “She’s so equine, how could I Not give her a donkey punch?”

  6. Sir Terence Conran just explained “The Minivan” to him.

  7. Sir Terence:”…Then, the Americans take these strips and place them on their teeth to whiten them.”
    Prince Charles:”Stop it!…You’re killing me!”

  8. “So the receptionist runs in and tells the doctor, “There’s a man out here who thinks he’s invisible!”

    The doctor says, “Tell him I can’t see him…”

  9. This man just punched me in the royal peen!

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