1. That dog has a really small head.

  2. I’m a dog lover, but that thing on the leash creeps me out.

  3. B&WM.nstrel

    OK, now ‘shop the boots on the dog

  4. Mohawk Disco

    Haven’t seen her this beautiful in months. What’s her secret? Oh, yeah. Her head is covered up.

  5. Weird-looking thing. Dog looks kinda funny, too.

  6. ThisWillHurt

    “It’s one of those Muslim things! Kill it!”

  7. Even the dog has a look on his face like, “Really?”

  8. the crazy betty

    hillbilly headgear.

  9. Isn’t this that dog The Simpsons mail-ordered that time? You don’t have to walk it, it uses the toilet by itself! Dumbass hillbilly walking a toilet-trained dog.

  10. Bitch likes it doggie style (take your pick). ;)

  11. Vlad

    Crazy Hillbillies! Crossbreeding a lemur with a husky!

  12. Someone’s been shopping at the Kravitz Kloset I see.

  13. Who’s walking who?

  14. The dog was photoshopped in. It was Liam Hemsworth.

  15. Wha the hell? How is it that this looks like 12 kinds of photoshop? Seriously? No quips or LOL’s, just… honestly! How does this happen?

  16. I can’t believe that someone would be so stupid as to name their dog “Miley Cyrus.”

  17. In real life, Liam’s eyes are much prettier than on film.

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