1. In the bag? A half eaten tuna fish sandwich, his pocket lint collection, and a human head.

  2. I’m pretty sure Wiz is a friend of R. Kelly.

  3. I wonder if they go to the same barber

  4. oldfool

    “C’mon Baby, Just a little shit house head.”

  5. Her ass covers more cubic footage than he does.

  6. “Baby, I can’t believe you ate all the food in that Golden Corral…Am I ever going to get something to eat?”

  7. Anderson Pooper

    He’d be wise to tie a safety line to the bed post before adventuring into that cavern.

  8. I’m gonna get you in the SUV before you assplode all over these nice camera people.

  9. Meat Flaps

    Who are these bozo’s?

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