1. right

    Looks like a young Randy Savage.

  2. I thought…macho dude, until I realized what he was wearing. Dum bass.

  3. Russell Brand’s taken up bounty hunting?

  4. Salad Face

    Vin Diesel in Uggs. There IS a Santa Claus!

  5. I am speechless.

  6. Didn’t realize there were man uggs

  7. I like his gay combat boots.

  8. TooCoo

    Looks like the tarp is on the pocket pool table.

  9. Nice job at concealing the Pedobear on your shirt, A.J.

  10. Eugene Dammrod

    Thorin Oakenshield

  11. “I saw 300, went shopping then grew this beard. For this. Is. Douche Wear!”

  12. Anderson Pooper

    His shirt bears the Mayan symbol for “obsolete”.

  13. Now I know who this guy is…he used to be a member of the Back Door Boys.

  14. I always wear my cammo longjohns when I fly. They are so comfortable. Oh, and I’m a douche.

  15. If this guy got on my plane, I would respectfully throw him out the window.

  16. Natty Ice

    Nothing makes your bad-ass outfit more complete than snuggly, warm Ugg boots.

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