1. “Did you butter the doorframe? You were supposed to butter the doorframe!”

  2. “Gold Leader, this is Gold Two. The tuna is in the can. Repeat, the tuna is now in the can. Heading to base.”

  3. Alison

    The best she’s ever looked.

  4. If you squint you can almost see those comic strip stink squiggles just below his sleeve.

  5. That’s a mighty fancy-looking livestock trailer.

  6. I don’t know who or what Bootsy Bellows is, but they did the right thing letting (or making) her leave.

  7. Dear LORD! That rhino is ramming that car!

  8. “Hurry, Deena, got in the car before someone sees you and recogni-…Ah, fuck. Never mind…”

  9. dude, there’s a bug in your ear.

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