1. Oh fuck yes. She’s physically perfect and has a reputation for dating assholes. We’re made for each other.

  2. Richiekid

    The new ads that float in front of the photos don’t have a close button and I disapprove… so much so that I am commenting for the first time ever in the 8 years I’ve been a fan of panty shots, movie trailers, and robot apocolypse jokes. effing tighten up gang

  3. Cock Dr

    Horizontal stripes, latex, leather, fishnets, whatever she wears it looks good. That’s talent.

  4. no one has anything to say about that fuckin dude’s outfit?

  5. “slobbering”….boooooooooty…..’sigh’

  6. mt

    If I fuck her, does it mean I have to sell my soul to satin too?

  7. Seriously, she is a fucking vampire, she has been hot for like 20 years straight now, that is downright impossible. She and Kate Beckinsale.

  8. cc

    I’d wreck this woman upside down and backwards.

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