1. Urbanspaceman

    There are no gay men in this photo.

  2. Cock Dr

    That’s one way to disguise the chicken legs.

  3. Just “Hugh Jackman”? Longtime Male Companion doens’t even get a mention?

  4. Michael_D

    “What? He’s just a friend”

  5. JimBB

    Just two mates out for a friendly swim–and maybe some good-natured oral sex later, as mates are wont to do.

  6. Crocodile Dundee

    (off camera) “Hey, poofter!”
    (these two, simultaneously) “Who, me?”

  7. can they see us holding hands under water?

  8. “We’re not gay…We’re straight! We just have sex with each other ironically!”

  9. Helena Handbasket

    Oceans of yum

  10. cc

    ‘Wots ‘e shoutin’ about? There’s something in the wattah behind us? A blood great fork?’

  11. Mohawk Disco

    After drooling over Vanessa’s ass this is like putting wiper fluid in your transmission.

  12. “Ewwww look at those girls in those bikinis !”

  13. Yahoo entitled this one: See photos of Hugh Jackman and friend enjoying watersports.

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