1. dontkillthemessenger

    Just when you thought Uggs couldn’t get douchier…

  2. Hopalong

    Wow, Judah Friedlander is trying to get in on anything now that 30 Rock ended.

  3. Dude makes good music. Fuck those boots, though.

  4. donkeylicks

    Uhgs, grandma sweater, free chase bank promotional t-shirt, slightly ambiguous but mostly feminine jewelry, and a fedora. Now I’m ready.

  5. JimBB

    I couldn’t decide on a style, so I just wore all of them.

  6. “……from the thrift shop down the road.”

  7. “I’m not gay, I’m a fashionista”

  8. Jackie

    Uggs comment.

  9. cc

    Ah yes fresh from the ‘Spend 10k and look like a douchebag’ sale.

  10. Woke up, I had the same clothes on I ha-a-ad, on last night. Must have passed out.

  11. This is from the Will i am “I just threw this shit together” collection..

  12. Swearin

    He’s clearly the most inconspicuous private eye ever

  13. “Hey, Pharrell, nice boots!”

    “Thanks – they’re your girlfriend’s.”

  14. “Hey, Pharrell, nice boots. Where they from – Coldwater Creek?”

    “I don’t know – I’ll ask your mom when I give them back to her.”

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