1. What’s that about money not buying happiness?

  2. I’m sure she’s with him because of his sparkling personality.

    • Cock Dr

      And he’s with her because of her honesty and sense of humor…and her ability to suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

      • C’mon Doc!
        You know girls that hot don’t suck dick! They’re pretentious as hell and act like you should be thanking them for letting you fuck them.

      • jack

        That’s only for normal people. Famous people and athletes have different rules

      • Mohawk Disco

        I beg to differ Deacon. Women have a fucked up attitude about this. When you have money and treat them like most athletes do – as in shit – they’ll suck dick. They reserve the pretence and condescention for meeting nice but average guys.

      • This. Girls will suck dick when they feel they have less power than the dick they are sucking. So, for average guys, hot girls won’t suck dick. But for the famous, they’ll suck dick all day long – they’ll swallow than power.

      • Deacon Jones

        So, my take away from this is I have to start treating my wife like shit? Got it! lol

  3. gary coleman's ghost

    “I’m dreaming, of whiiite Christmas …”

  4. “Bubonic what now?”

  5. Nope, not a gold digger at all.

  6. Is she expecting a dolphin to jump through those hoops?

  7. Men

    No jokes. I bet her behind looks spectacular naked.

  8. Son of Flubber

    “Hey, could you tell us where her vagina is located.”

  9. “Aren’t you going to go swimming girl?”
    “No. coming here was just an excuse to wear my hoop earrings with this outfit. I don’t know how to swim. Are you?”
    “Nah girl. I’m wearing too much bling you know what i’m sayin’? ‘sides, I don’t know how to swim either”
    “Why did we come here?”

  10. Skeeter

    Her ass looks delicious.

  11. martina

    I’m sure that she likes
    walks on the beach, pina coladas, and …
    … having temporarily rich athletes bang the crap out of her

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