1. Colin

    The problem with STDs: they don’t kill fast enough.

  2. karlito

    i hate this skanky ugly bitch

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    I haven’t read the New England Journal of Medicine lately, but herpes can’t be passed through a computer screen, right?

  4. Is anyone looking into what purpose the could Chinese possibly have, to make a miniature clone of Coco?

  5. Frank Burns

    “You put your hand under his testicles like this, then with your mouth you . . .”

  6. Most people just flush their bush after shaving it, but she likes to blow hers on her fans.

  7. Johnny P!

    Duck! She’s blowin’ some Crazy your way!!!

  8. Sheppy

    Don’t care what you think, still would.

  9. Larry Jones

    This broad is still floating around??? I figured she was folding clothing at Costco by now. God bless her persistence!!!

  10. the kiss that could literally kill.

  11. She and Courtney Love need to share a bindle and end this.

  12. Where’s the duct tape?

  13. cc

    Paint her green and she’s look A LOT like the martians in ‘Mars Attacks!’

  14. Yagiska

    It’s like Sonya Blade’s fatality, only you get warts in funny places and it burns when you pee.

    • Yagiska

      Also, would still hit it, but I’ve got a thing for skanky sluts. Something exciting about dodging STDs. Like getting drunk and running through traffic.

  15. As a rule, I love the look of Asian women. For this one, I make an exception.

  16. STD’s only effect real humans, not plastic. So I guess she’d be safe to fuck.

  17. little turtle head

    I’d put my anteater in her.!!!!

  18. celebutard

    At least she is wearing gloves. Thank you, Tila.

  19. They still make bobbleheads?

  20. She’s still alive?

  21. Johnny P!

    Her tiara says it all…

  22. Steelerchick

    Can’t believe she’s pregnant. Hardly shows at all.

  23. bassackward

    Yes….. you put it in my hand and I will lick it like a Sugar Daddy….Daddy!

  24. Were were doing so good….No Tila for such a long time and now this shit.

  25. Normal Male

    Where’s the baby ya fucking skank?

  26. Katie

    In this particular case, I think I’m going to have to go with Yes, H8.

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