1. dontkillthemessenger

    Can I have your confession, I meant signature, please?

  2. JC

    “That’s great, but could you sign one without X’ing out Natalie Wood’s eyes?”

  3. Mr. Wagner, I have a question please. What kind of wood does not float? “Why that is Natalie Wood, of course.”

  4. Johnny P!

    “Is this Sharpie waterproof? Kidding!!! Loved that gal, just adored her…”

  5. “No, I’m sorry. I am not drawing a lifejacket on her.”

  6. Mike701

    I’ll make it to “Dan, Best wishes R.J. and Natablub blub blub.” You’ll make a killing on Ebay. “Killing. Get it?”

  7. “Christ. Even my idiotic TV character Johnathan Hart could figure out I killed my wife.”

  8. I believe that the Mentalist would observe that he has a sharp instrument pointed directly at her aorta.

  9. “Sometimes you just have to drown a bitch. Best Wishes, Robert Wagner”

  10. cc

    He left a floater.

  11. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    “Wait, how do you spell ‘murderer’ again?”

  12. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Guess he really WAS Number 2.

  13. lori

    Still handsome.

  14. “Want me to sign it with her GPS coordinates?”

  15. Yes sir, i did let a woman drown, but I’m Robert Wagner. you must have me confused with Ted Kennedy.

  16. “Why is everyone getting on my case about her? Max died, too, you know! How come no one asks me about him?”

  17. UncleDenial

    Matt Stevers, male nurse, is still alive?

  18. “What’s an 6-letter word that starts with ‘m’ that means ‘punishment for infidelity’?”

  19. spartacus

    “Luckily, the only person who really thinks I killed her is an asswipe boat captain”

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