1. Cock Dr

    The Donald will ultimately dump her too.

    • Marla

      Not so fast, he makes them all sign a minim five year contract to stay with him. Then he can dump them at will.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    I wonder what Donald Trump’s post sex gift basket to her would include?

  3. I’m sorry, but any degree of hotness she may have is lost in knowing that she sees Trump naked.

    • cc

      Just imagine preparing to go down and then contemplating Donald’s dick has been there. Change of heart anyone?

    • Oh damn. Eric, you bastard. Now that visual is stuck in my head! Heading for the vomitorium…back soon.

      • Trek Girl

        “A vomitorium is a passage situated below or behind a tier of seats in an amphitheatre, through which big crowds can exit rapidly at the end of a performance.”

        - Wikipedia

  4. Chris Pine

    Slutty and demur? Close enough.

  5. squishy

    Philadelphia cream cheese??

  6. MoonBeam

    My hero.

  7. Violet

    When her husband motorboats those, you know she ends up with a beard.

  8. fiona

    she has developed the signature Trump hairdo of only forward growth with no discernable scalp.

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