1. Cock Dr

    The Borg tried to assimilate Fergie, but then decided she didn’t taste so good.

  2. Drew


  3. Frank Burns

    A rubber outfit is a good option if you tend to wet your pants on stage.

  4. Chick looks like she has lost about 200 lbs? Bulimia anyone?

  5. Any Guy

    Xtina and this dude are on a collision course with reality. they haven’t hit just yet. gettin’ there.

  6. Which one is that? The one with the wonky eyes or the sperm donor lab cocktail ?

  7. cc

    This reminded me of the Aliens series for some reason.

  8. Arzach

    Ah, very clever!
    Leaving a wax statue for the photos while you enjoy the party

  9. “Offer me shampoo one more time motherfucker! I dare ya!”

  10. bassackward

    WHAT! The Black-Eyed Peas have quit?? No one told me…… damnit!!

  11. Rob Halford wore black leather and studs and no one ever knew.

  12. Ell

    I guess Teeth was based off a true story?

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