1. Cock Dr

    I’m sorry blogger, to me she always looks like a goddamn sloppy mess…..except for those photos where she was naked.

  2. pumpkin

    Smile dog is REAL! Spread the word!

  3. Frank Burns

    Must be a seeing-eye dog to help her navigate the streets during her next fatigue-laden walk of shame from Ryan Reynold’s place.

  4. Swearin

    I find it ironic that someone who used an iPhone camera to take personal pornography and atypical self-promotion to a new level is mulling around outside the Institute of Technology.

  5. userofalltrades

    No matter what Blake does, she can’t seem to shake Sarah Silverman.

  6. pooney

    Dog is a toller. Great (and happy) breed.

  7. Love her new hairstyle, wait she’s on the right?

  8. cc

    I hope she gets away from the martian.

  9. Arzach

    The name of the dog is Leo

  10. Raoul

    That dog is about to level her like an Imperial Walker.

  11. Blech

    LOVE the pooch.

  12. Hard to believe that such a beautiful woman could look this fucked up.

  13. Terry

    Ripped jeans? This ain’t 84!

  14. Violet

    Bitch stole Hugh Hefner’s slippers.

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