1. Well I think we finally solved the mystery of who skinned Barney…

  2. Cock Dr

    That’s no moon…..

  3. philio

    Why in the hell would a professional basketball player in the NBA ever sleep with this wildebeest, much less marry her.

  4. Well, I guess we’re gonna have some Sasquatch rumors flying around Dallas now; Nifty, just nifty!

  5. Swearin

    I hope Mark Cuban and Kris Jenner never meet, because the force of their vanity and shameless promotion of themselves and their business ventures will destroy us all.

  6. Johnny P!

    ***beep! beep! beep! beep!***

  7. Seat warmers would be redundant.

  8. tom

    Cellulite Mountain

  9. rican

    wow, so that’s what a wookie ass looks like without any type of restraints.

  10. Efe

    One day, somewhere, a brave pap is gonna stop before hitting the shutter on yet another ass shot of a Kardashian and think “nah… not this time”

  11. Sean Connery

    Wookie got back!

  12. BE

    Gotta say…I could (almost) understand the Kardashian fixation for guys. Curvy, in the sci-fi/fantasy heroine sort of way appeals to a lot of guys. But until now, I never understood why women and girls liked following the Kardashians. The show is vapid with so obviously manufactured issues that it’s hard not to read a book or surf the internet just to stay awake.

    Now we have THE answer to why any female likes the Kardashians – they make us feel great about ourselves!

  13. More saddle bags than a Harley Davidson dealer in Oklahoma.

  14. Frank The Duck

    I hear Kettle Drums….

  15. Bradley Johnson

    Can you just imagine the stick that wafts from that cavernous crap pit?

  16. ktulu

    Is Hugh Jazz available?

  17. HumpinFrog

    We came. We saw. It kicked our asses with it’s ass and……..”come on boys start singing”……”Who ya goin call? ASSBUSTERS!”

  18. Venom

    Nasty disgusting pig.



  20. MoonBeam

    And I thought it was JLove. Sorry Jen….

  21. squishy

    Trying to wipe eyes clean!!!!!

  22. tmfvaughan

    There are no amount of hair extensions that could ever distract from that ass. But A for effort!

  23. cc

    The elephants from the Toronto Zoo are taking a Land Rover to California?

  24. Did Philip Seymour Hoffman get hair extensions?

  25. doodles.

    if you look close…..the seam is ripping. clASSy.

  26. If you look closely you can see a ring of dust orbiting around the center.

  27. Isn’t this a crime against humanity?

  28. I always thought Grimace’s waist was lower

  29. er, I always thought Grimace’s legs were shorter.

    (there, thats better)

  30. SlippinX12

    Willy Wonka made it very clear that gum was experimental

  31. Blech

    NOOOO. It’s going to eat the car. Someone save the car from the jowls of Khloe’s ass!

  32. Colostomy Bag

    Here’s hoping there’s 4 spare tyres in the back.

  33. John Riley

    As Willy Wonka says… always goes wrong at the blueberries.

  34. Terry

    I can smell that stank through my macbook air.

  35. AnnaDraconida

    Calling that a Wookie is an insult to all Wookies. It looks more like a Rancor to me.

  36. Christ… I just heard a clap of thunder when I saw that picture…

  37. KC

    Great, now I’m never going to get that “one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater” song out of my head.

  38. Bubba

    You know, in ancient times, the men considered this to be what is considered beautiful. Look back at all nude paintings and sculptures of Greek times, and Renassaince eras; you will find plump, curvy, natural women.

    That said, this ain’t ancient times no mo’. Lipo dat ass, girl!

  39. bassackward

    what’s sad, is that she actually stood there for over 5 minutes, while the paparrazi got “just the right shot”…

  40. notrollhere

    Mrs. Lardassian

  41. Lynn

    Man, the kardashians must have some covert wiping techniques. How does one wipe that ass after a good dump? They all seriously need to invest in those japanese spray toilets that cleans your ass after you shit. There is no way one ROLL would take care of that!

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