1. Smapdi

    Those are the girls from the Boys and Girls Club? You know, I’ve been thinking I should do more hands-on work for a charity . . .

  2. The smiles from these girls would be a lot more sincere if they really knew who Steven Tyler was.

  3. I see cheerleaders at a gay couple’s wedding.

  4. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Steven Tyler looks like the poltergeist no one saw at the time and only shows up on the photograph

  5. “one of these things just doesn’t belong,”
    “can you tell me which thing is not like the others,”
    “before I finish this song.”

  6. Apple

    How much do you think they had to pay each of those girls to show up.

  7. One of you is doable.

  8. Which one is Steven Tyler? Seriously.

  9. Hope the charity is raising money for hotter cheerleaders.

  10. MrG

    It’s so nice of those cheerleaders to pose with those grandmothers.

  11. Soo much young Poon-tang…thats a crime.

  12. Donkeylicks

    Joan Rivers photo bombs are the best!!!

  13. I’m not even looking for a man in this picture.

  14. Skippy86

    Sheeezs, that front row should see a plastic surgeon for a 6 for 1 nose job special.

  15. Is this a Steven Tyler ‘look-alike’ contest ?

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