1. Yes but how do you feel about headbutts?

  2. The “Who the fuck is this?” is strong in this one.

  3. Keep going naked! I’m going to keep eating delicious meat.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    How many leather jackets do I have to buy before a celebrity I actually want to see naked does one of these ads?

  5. Montana

    (sigh) How about an “I would rather actually show my naughty bits than wear fur” campaign?

    • Tim's Trees

      Yep, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s photoshoots and “nude calendars” where all the women either do this “baby pose” or cover their breasts and vag with their hand. If you don’t show anything, you might as well be in a bikini or something.

  6. the boys in 628

    Here’s the deal Ms. Naked Nobody,

    For every animal you don’t eat, I’ll eat three.

  7. crafty sea urchin

    OK, everyone, let’s find pics of her wearing leather!

  8. cc

    I wonder if she takes it in the brown?

  9. She’s gonna get frostbite on her penis, tucking it into the snow like that.

  10. Dear PETA and Lady I Don’t Give A Shit About,

    How many animals did your organization euthanize last year? Just curious.

    • ‘’ is a front for the ‘Center for Consumer Freedom’, a pro-big business website with “anonymous” donors. They are not necessarily pro-consumer choice, as they would have you believe. Rick Berman is the Executive Director, who is a “hired gun” for the food industry. He was on Sixty Minutes some years ago. (check out YouTube videos). While I agree we should have the right to choose and be personally responsibility for those choices, I wonder how this is not an argument to make crack or heroin legal. (I guess only corporations can profit from “legal” drug addiction, like, Oxycontin, etc). But I digress. What I end up asking myself is…who is more insidious…the big food industry…or Peta that tries to speak up for animals that can not do so for themselves. At least do more research…heres a link that may provide you a balanced perspective:
      Also, see their questions and answers, this may help.

  11. The title should read “I have fake snow in my vajayjay”

  12. “Ok, so we photoshoped the hell out of her face. Should we just colour correct her feet so they don’t look like they’re filthy?”
    “Ah, fuck it. It’s not like anyone is going to even remember seeing this ad in 3 days, anyway.”

  13. MissM

    I would rather you and your sanctimonious “nude photo” just go away.

  14. Lozada or Lozado ?

  15. All of these ‘rather go naked’ ad people could just leave off the rest. They are just a bunch of attention whores who would go ‘naked’ for any cause if it gets them some self-promotion.

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