1. ThisWillHurt

    Hm, a coat with a matching bag. I don’t get why he thinks he’s gay.

  2. AnnaD.

    Fatty Bolger wants him bad

  3. Look, Ian… I know you’re gay and all but could you not ruin my image of Gandalf or Magneto with Uggs?

    The internet

  4. That Hobbit behind him has a crack pipe.

  5. Dave

    He was quickly apprehended by Customs for not declaring his hobbits on arrival.

  6. In every picture like this, there’s a fat guy in the background saying it all with his eyes.

  7. Why is Jonah Hill chasing the guy wearing women’s boots?

  8. “Move outa my fucking way! I’m making a fashion statement!”

  9. Matchy, matchy, matchy.

  10. Leather Balls

    Man wearing uggs = homo

  11. His other pair of shoes are up the ass of the TSA agent who told him “You shal not pass!”

  12. Pff

    Still the most badass gay man in the world. Plus, he looks much more manly than let’s say Tom Cruise.

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