1. Mr. Poop

    that kid is either wearing makeup or a spray tan, and the hair is a nice finishing touch on the ‘assclown’ look

  2. [img]http://www.thesuperficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/12/JimBrown-256_192.jpg[/img]

    Jim Brown is not pleased you jacked his look…

  3. Johnny P!

    One of the few times when a sneaky pap startled Jaden and snapped a pic so quickly that he didn’t have time to muster up his “spoiled, world-weary ennui” face.

  4. Juch

    A club? I’m scared to think what kind of club you go into with your teenage kids.

  5. shonzie

    New commercial for Summer’s Eve?

  6. right

    They look like they have gas as a family.

  7. Snapped just after someone correctly yelled: “YOUR MOM RUINED THE MATRIX!!!”

  8. “No, not the zombie woman in the back…the one on the far right…he did it! I’m positive, officer.”

  9. Pff


  10. CrashHell

    For those who hypothisized the effects on children living in a home where the parents are homosexuals, I present to you Subject Zero, or as we have grown to call them, “The Smiths”.

  11. Jade

    Half the time I can’t tell which one is the son and which is the daughter.

  12. I.m glad the kid discovered ‘roids.

  13. The family that “uh-duhs” together, stays together.

  14. Dave

    I didn’t know it was possible for African-Americans to look spray-tanned, but here we are. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  15. Martina

    That looks like a Scientology photo-op

  16. They all look like effing tools and I want to punch my computer.

  17. Do they not realize that they’re famous? Because they always look shocked as hell and utterly unprepared to have their photos taken in public.

  18. Cock Dr

    Jada should probably stop messing with her face. She looks winched a little too tight.

  19. disillusionisreal

    Jada looks like hell.

  20. are we sure that’s Jaden? Did he grow since last week?

  21. Sheppy

    Oh Jesus.

  22. I try to imagine what a family dinner must be like in that house, and my brain starts to melt a little. I feel like they must just sit there and stare at each other with that same dopey expression until someone remembers they’re supposed to be eating.

  23. I hope they’re walking into a golf club. Maybe a low iron or a driver, at full swing.

  24. bethy

    The family who abuses topical retinol together……looks like this together.

  25. This is what inbred douchery looks like.

  26. lori

    They all look so…. fatuous.

  27. What’s up with the women’s faces here? A club? It looks like Willow and Jaden are dressed for a wrestling meet.

  28. Donkeylicks

    Oh please God, somebody try and tell me that they aren’t simply going try to do some kind of mental body slide and overtake their children’s vessels.

  29. oldfool

    Kidd and Played Out.

  30. Courtney Cox looks like crispy hell

  31. What do you call a group of douches? A douche pod?

  32. Jada knows that the secret to putting up with her family is to stay high all the time.

  33. Looks like the oldest one is already practicing his
    “I’M IN-NA-CENT!” face..

  34. adm.fookbar

    Holy crap, I just figured out Jada -> Jaden, and Will -> Willow.

    That’s bad.

    Anyways, Will Smith still somehow seems charming and endearing, but fuckall if his family doesn’t make me feel racist in my hate.

  35. Needing only some blue makeup and yellow contacts, Willow will be a shoo-in for an Avatar sequel.

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