1. “Don’t worry sweetie, you’re much cooler than that Suri bitch..”

  2. At first I was relieved that was his daughter. Then I was worried.

  3. Frank Burns

    From the “Dora the Explorer” episode, “Robbed and Kidnapped by a Hipster”.

  4. Happy_Evil_Dude

    *Styled by Brand (TM)

  5. Martina

    “I know looks like a douche, but he’s my dad, and I love him anyway.”

  6. He looks like a hipster douchebag. I hope Ramona hasn’t inherited that gene.

  7. The Doctor’s companions are getting younger and younger.

  8. bethy

    How many times has she accidentally gone home from school with the wrong moderately pedophilic looking man?

  9. Are you sure this isn’t Jaoquin Phoenix kidnapping Peter Sarsgaard’s daughter?

  10. Just another day of dumpster diving and shopping at Goodwill for the Saarsgards.

  11. get thee to a nunnery!

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