1. ThisWillHurt

    “They call this the ‘bi-curious’ pose.”

  2. And then we transition into “digging for gold” pose….

    and hold it…

    and breathe…

  3. “…and then he mounted me. And that’s pretty much how my first date with Alec went.”

  4. Well Hillaria I fail to see what is so funny that you carry that moniker.

  5. Now I see why they call this Hilaria’s Position.

  6. I saw this in a movie once.

  7. … and another thing. Fuck yoga. Unless they’re teaching me to stretch out my arms and legs to like 3 times their length and blow fire, I’m not interested.

  8. Wait…Is this meet your new cell mate day at an LA women’s prison?

  9. Tidbit

    Alec has me put the strap-on on then we go at it like this.

  10. It’s obvious to even the most casual observer that yoga is good for the…ummmm…pectoral muscles…

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