1. Mr. Poop

    I thought you couldn’t lead cows up stairs?

  2. essa

    is she wearing a diaper?

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    so her top is a hospital gown.

  4. Glad to see she’s wearing a bovine tracking device…

  5. AnnaD.


  6. Milkman

    To the left, we have a granny Boca Raton Butt. To the right, we have one brought to us by Depend.

  7. Sweet Jesus….when did we start making cows wear high heels? So cruel.

  8. MFer

    Really America? THIS?

  9. Uh, excuse me ma’am. I know you’re famous and all, but we have some complaints about the smell and nobody else was brave enough to come over and tell you your Depends are full.

  10. tom

    Miami, Florida, ’nuff said.

  11. IronLion

    Granny Ass!!!! I would do it, but I wouldnt like it…

  12. 2 for 1 dumpy lumpy asses

  13. Not to be outdone by Anne Hathaway, Kim Kardashian “accidently” exposes the battery pack for her microphone.

  14. “Which one is which?” absolutely no one said.

  15. Beer Baron

    The cow on the left has the body of a Jewish woman named “Pearl”.

  16. the boys in 628

    Blub and Blubber

  17. Martina

    Do they have to pay double fares when they fly?

  18. Must be a Golden Girls remake. All we need now is for Khloe to come in and play Stan.

  19. Senor Trout

    “Good day shopkeep. I require a hand-operated buzz saw, capable of cutting through a human sternum. It’s for a school project. I’m some sort of student sent here from… oh blast what the devil do they study, Uh… Latin Class.”

  20. Cock Dr


  21. disillusionisreal

    I didn’t think her ass could handle getting any bigger….I was wrong…the next solar eclipse will be her fault….

  22. disillusionisreal

    And she’s getting saggy elbows….how old is she again? 30?

  23. I guess we’ll have to take your word for it. Are they obscured by the pair of Jewish grandmothers in the foreground?

  24. contusion

    I think this is what you call a moo moo.

  25. aaannnd they’ve resorted to the elastic waistbands. cool.

  26. cc

    I CAN’T WAIT. Don’t you guys recognize a command detonated device when you see one? And just in time for Christmas too!

  27. growler

    she would actually look presentable in some clothes that would cover up that fat fucking mess

  28. The words ‘Hideously Unattractive’ come to mind.
    As well as ‘MOO!’

  29. @*#&$^%

    The crease. In the pants. At the top. There’s a round thing. WTH IS THAT???

  30. Caroline

    Wearing mom pants doesn’t automatically make you a good mother.

  31. They look liked 80 year olds from the waist down.

  32. Skippy86

    Good lord, does she even bother to look at her ass in an outfit before leaving the house?

  33. Seriously, my grandmother has a better ass. I’m not even joking. On the other hand, that really doesn’t say much considering who I’m comparing them to.

  34. Adam Frawley

    are black guys blind?

  35. Natty Ice

    The Discovery Channel was horribly embarrassed when they tagged, what they thought, was a new species in the primate family to watch and observe and document, only to find out that the E! network had already beat them to it.

  36. Grundleburger

    I’m so fucking sick of this famewhore pig and her famewhore pig sisters and her fuckshit piece of I-hope-you-die-bitch mother… Please America, please let these shitfuck whores slip into obscurity as soon as fucking possible.

  37. lady

    I totally knew this was Kim before clicking on the big picture

  38. anonym

    kourtney dressed granny style.

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