1. “Suck it, Demi!”

  2. B.andWMns.trl

    One in front while the other guy does it in the back. And the grass is cut in no time.

  3. She’s busy with two boys of her own.

  4. “These ethnic boys are so nice.”

  5. If we close the borders, how else will elderly women get ethnic “Pool-boys” to play with?

  6. “Let’s find us a Greg now, and we can go to town!”

  7. Bigalkie

    Florence Henderson spotted leaving The Bang Bus.

  8. Dave

    Whatever they’re up to, I imagine it’ll involve Wesson oil.

  9. tlmck

    “We just did it with Mrs. Brady!”

  10. Rosalie

    I love Florence Henderson! A really nice person.

  11. “Both these sweet young men offered to carry my purse. Fairly casual bellhop uniforms…”

  12. toopier

    Damn! she already broke one finger, now she has 4 more.

  13. Dudicles

    “Oh stewardess, I speak jive…”

  14. lori

    Looking fabulous, Florence!!! :)

  15. Now this is what I call ‘aging gracefully”.

  16. Like a good neighbor State Farm is there…on the Brady Bunch stairs!

  17. This carjacking went horribly wrong.

  18. Skippy86

    Looks like that web site Interracial

  19. Tidbit

    It’s the one in the stink that’ll get ya.

  20. Now which one of you is Terry Richardson? I hear you do the most tasteful nudes.

  21. Dangles the Wonder Mule

    YES boys, the price for the ROOM is the same for 2 or 3 but I charge extra for a threesome !

  22. The vato on the right looks like he’s carrying something interesting in his kangaroo pouch…

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