1. Smurf hat, Mr. Magoo glasses, National Geographic tits, and some daisy dukes. It’s like my youth came back as an entitled zombie.

  2. “Those are some well droopy swingers…”
    -Ali G

  3. Johnny P!

    Knitted Douche Caps aren’t just for male hipsters anymore!

  4. BbyBluThghHghs

    I don’t even know where to start with this one.

  5. “If my dad thinks I’m Liz Lemon, maybe he’ll love me!”

  6. The Pope

    Are we entirely sure that she’s Alec’s and not Stephen’s?

  7. catapostrophe

    Is it cold or warm in Hawaii?

  8. Yet another victim of the weird angles phenomenon?

  9. Where’s Waldo (‘s glasses) ?


    The rude little pig is all grown up.

  11. Martina

    Honey, wear a sports bra … there, you’re welcome

  12. Ireland? More like “Azores”.

  13. Joe Blow

    Oh dear.

  14. disillusionisreal

    Why are her boobs down there at her age? I feel better about myself already! Thanks rude girl!

  15. joe

    If you’ve ever wondered what Rumer would look like without the fucked-up chin, here ya go.

  16. 16 going on 40, yikes.

  17. At her age her tits are so low? Wow, did she miss the invention of the bra or something? I see some surgery in your future.

  18. cc

    She looks crotchy, er, crotchety.

  19. And it starts…

  20. I always thought her name was ” Rude little pig” according to the voicemail Alec Baldwin left her.

  21. Her boobs are doing the Luau Limbo.

  22. 1001001

    she might as well just tuck those things into her pants

  23. If you are going to cut your jeans off this short, modify the pockets you lazy ass.

  24. Mama Pinkus

    her tits are literally shaped like the letter ‘b’

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