1. Wook gwise, Bwoobs.

  2. “I’m so gonna Chris Bwown dis latah”

  3. I dated a girl like her. All ribcage and floppy tits pushed up to make them look big. Don’t be deceived into that happy smile, Mile.

  4. LilDeuceDeuce

    Mike Tyson Cares bout dem titties.

  5. “I’m gonna rape these later. Oops. Not guilty!”

  6. “Dey made me a doctor of sumthin’ twenty yeeas ago. Heah, I’ll show youse by givin’ her a bwest exam.”

  7. siggyfrood

    He seems so happy. One day he is just gonna SNAP!

  8. Bigalkie

    Meanwhile, back at the Pornstar Naming Labratory. The Genius’s are trying to top Claire Sinclair.,

  9. JK

    No Mike they’re fun bags, not speed bags.

  10. Icehawg

    I am SO gonna go all “In The Air Tonight” on these later.

    And then punch her right in the mouth. That makes the crying stop.

  11. “This here’s the nipple I’m going to bite off later. This one right here.”

  12. cc

    Yup, Brad fucked her too!

  13. toopier

    we’re the three best friends that anyone could have.

  14. Subtlety, they name is Tyson.

  15. What an idiot

    Here comes another rape conviction…

  16. zomgbie

    i dont eat tiths.
    i eat deh chiwldrwen dat thuck on dem.

  17. MrG

    “Wussel Thimmons offered to buy her fwom me for a Big Mac meal. I think I should hold out for him to thuper thize it.”

  18. “Iths a boobie!”

  19. What the fuck is that pretty young thing doing with that ugly pile of nose debris?

  20. “No really! I’m with Stupid.”

  21. rican

    “Ding Dong”!

  22. Officelinebacker

    Mike Tyson Cares…….about white girl boobs.

  23. So Hef’s son asks me if I can hit this.

  24. Heeheeheehee.


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