1. Dearest PhotoChrist, please stop trying to make Logan Fazio a thing just because she takes pictures. We’ve already allowed you Prince Charles… isn’t that enough or are you some kind of animal? ANSWER ME DAMN YOU.

  2. renotastic


  3. Hugh G. Rection

    If she tried to take Alec Baldwin’s picture I don’t think he’d be so cranky about it.

  4. In Italian, her last name is pronounced ‘Fatzo’.

  5. coljack

    Tragically, the universe would come to an end one day when a paparazza in a bikini tried to take a photo of her own ass, creating a zero point of singularity that tore apart the fabric of space.

    • Dox

      Actually what it did was invert the tachyon stream in subreal space, causing a gravitonic pulse to scramble near reality, which in turn re-emerged in real space/time somewhere around 600 million years ago, causing a retrograde mutation in a small primate species, striking them with a slight neurosis.

      And that’s why Kim Kardashian has a huge ass. And is famous.

      (fuck that was a long way to go for a kardashian joke.)

    • crb

      As long as you don’t cross the streams, you’re fine.

      Besides, it’s all ball-bearings these days anyway.

  6. wait- so now the pap are taking pics of the pap and selling them to celeb gossip blogs?

  7. anonymous

    Anyone else get the feeling that if you asked her what settings she uses for her camera, she’ll reply “AUTO”.

  8. I’d like to see Logan run.

  9. Skeeter

    I’d gladly pay money to spend a day eating and banging her asshole.

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