1. He looks good. I guess riding a bike while making your wife walk does a body good.

  2. Flatliner

    Ahh, home erectus…what is missing to the right is an ape and then a funny looking fish and to the left a fully erect John Hamm (for the ladies).

  3. Mars looks refreshing.

  4. coljack

    All this scene needs is a little Stefanie Seymour and you’ve got “From Here to Erection Boy.”

  5. cc

    He looks a bit like Corey Feldman might look if he wasn’t a washed up (ha!) junkie.

  6. Why does he look like Zac Effron?

  7. Annoying

    On set of ‘Pawn Sacrifice’, ‘Last Days on Mars’ has already been released.

  8. Vlad

    I see Hollywood is cutting back on their hair dye budget…that or it’s a new trend in sideburn style.

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