1. Codot

    Bush: That Nelson Mandela was so funny, man. I loved when he hosted “Deal or No Deal”!

  2. “Hey W, watch this. I’mma put my balls on Namdi Patel’s head while he’s napping.”

    ‘Haha. That fucker is going on instagram.”

  3. Isn’t he an international war criminal? I mean why didn’t someone arrest him? Interpol sleepin on the job.

  4. Who the fuck, when drawing up the seating plan, thought that Bono and Bush should sit together!?

  5. “yes I loved Culture Club too”

  6. “Hey! Easy now Dubya, easy! its only the ceremonial vuvuzelas!”

  7. Tiggles

    “George Bush hates Irish people.”

  8. Bono: “No, TIME picked the Pope.”

    Dubbz: “RECOUNT!”

  9. eatme

    o wow, 2 of my most hated people

  10. Dougie Fresh

    Bono talks to Green Goblin on the broadway show of ‘Spiderman, Into the Dark.’

  11. lawn

    “Hiya, Sonny, I thought you was dead!”

  12. “i didint even know willie nelson played the mandela. shows ya how long its bin since i bin to a concert.- hey whos got some joints?

  13. “I want you to join me in my humanitarian efforts.”
    “No thanks Sonny Bono, I like women!”

  14. fred

    So a rabbi, a black guy, and a German Sheppard walk into a bar. . .

  15. KtothaJ

    Haha this BoBo sure is a funny clown

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