1. Kitty

    She is really not that attractive at all…

  2. kaylia


  3. *yawn*

    In a day and age where 100% of profesional pics are photoshopped and even naturally beautiful women are airbrushed,altered and nipped-n-tucked to an even higher level of perfection,I fail to see the “wow” factor when looking at pics like this at all.
    They┬┤re all so morphed and made-over that all I see is a fantasy..a fake,just one more beatiful bimbo in an endless sea of beautiful bimbos…meh.

  4. farting old man's wife

    She is ok I guess the swimsuit are ugly though!

  5. ...

    Her eye is staring right at me!!!

  6. Venom

    That face is no bueno, zoom out please.

  7. This is the best Ricky Martin has ever looked.

  8. ...

    Does anybody else get the feeling that this trailer hooch might have dated someone at the Superficial and the clever guy decided to post her pictures all over the place knowing that we would harsh all over her?

    • I apologize for my comment two pics back. You were pretty close when you opined that she is “below average.” I, however, would call her just a bit “above average” except she is very photogenic (usually) and has a marvelous ass.

      Don’t sweat it. I like yours better.

  9. ...

    I don’t see why else this person would be on here…spesh as a final five…

  10. The Brown Streak

    When did Borat shave?

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