1. Jesus Christ, what happened to her?

  2. It’s like she’s got a fever, and the only cure is more lipstick.

  3. Any Guy

    Ms. Piggy looks like shit.

  4. sheldon

    Looks like mid way through inflating a Thanksgiving Day parade balloon. “Oh, look Wilard, here comes a new entry this year. The “Whore”.

  5. I feel bad for her..she knows very well she used to be smokin hot,and now she┬┤s just like any other mom & housewife out there (some even look better than she does).Its nothing to be ashamed of of course,we all get older…but she has the money and the time to fix it and for some reason she just isnt bothered.She even started looking great again for her movie “Burlesque”..and then she went straight back to this…?

    We all used to laugh at her ex husband Quazimodo,and now Im sure that even he wouldent want her back :/
    I really do feel sorry for her…

    • ...

      something tells me you are a mom and housewife.

      The average woman gains 30 pounds during her pregnancy.
      It’s really not that difficult to lose thirty pounds. Especially if you are breastfeeding (you burn twice as many calories when lactating) and running around after babies.
      If you use your pregnancy as an an excuse to get wicked fat than you are doing it wrong.

      • Do you know this from actual experience?

      • ArmyWife

        I’m not wicket fat, but breast feeding actually causes a lot of women to hold on to the last 10-15 pounds. I’m not a house wife, but my baby is 11 months old, I’ve been breast feeding this whole time and the last 15 pounds are a bitch. Yes it helps with the initial part of the weight lost but it doesn’t always cause every single pound to melt off like magic. I don’t think Christina Aguilera is fat at all, but she’s bigger than Hollywood standards right now, not because of the baby, but maybe just getting older or not taking care of herself. If I had her money, I’d be a size 0. Not judging her for that though. I just judge her based on her nasty attitude toward people

      • D-chi

        As someone who lost almost 30 lbs, I must state that it is a huge pain. That being said, someone with Christina’s resources certainly has the capacity to do it. A few months with a personal trainer should have her fit in no time. She loos nice with a little extra skin, but when it gets to be too much, it can be unhealthy.

    • wampa

      it’s all about food-not exercise . She is stuffing her face and it is pretty obvious. That or drinking a LOT and not doing enough cocaine

  6. Yay! I’ve been waiting for a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel for years!

  7. Studley Hungwell

    Is SKYRIM the tossing salad equivalent to the “mile high club”?

  8. BenDoverman

    Good for her, it’s never too late for clown college. Plus, she’s lookin like her grandma more and more. How cute is that!

  9. Ruth

    Stay away from heavy make up usage kids!

  10. gingerpie

    when did christina become an avon lady?

  11. FussyHussy

    Is she up for the role of Mona ‘Hatchet-Face’ Malnorowski in a Cry-Baby remake?

  12. fartbucket

    It looks like that creepy doll of George Costanza’s mom that stopped him from getting a boner.

  13. Jesus. She’s not even thirty and she’s already got jowls.

  14. Frank The Duck

    What a world , What a world… all my wickedness undone by one little girl… melting, melting…ohhhh

  15. hil

    she looks just like Hatchet Face from Crybaby

  16. it had to be said

    I like that part when the house falls on her and her feet curl up. And the flying monkeys.

  17. Ashley

    Whoa whoa whoa! Oh no! Don’t try to pull an Olivia Munn thing and pretend you actually give a crap about Skyrim and the nerds camping outside of Game Stop. You are NOT one of us.

    Congrats PR team, you just ruined the best game of the year.

  18. cc

    I don’t know what the fuck she’s dressed as but someone should tell her Hallowe’en was a week ago.

  19. pdan

    Her face looks like a Picasso painting, if Picasso had a “fat” period.

  20. andreabeth

    Betty White’s new hairstyle makes her look younger.

  21. Christina Haguilera

  22. Venom

    Awful, it is like she and Lohan are two idiots on the same tree.
    Lohan insists on being a blonde even though she looks better as a redhead and this idiot refuses to wear anything but black leggings, platinum blonde hair and bright red lipstick and she looks like shit, everyone says she looks like shit and she still soldiers on everyday wearing it.

  23. slippinx12

    Talk all the shit you want, when winter hits you’ll wish you had been packing away steaks in your cheek too

  24. Contusion

    “Cookies! Cookies! C’mon all you grandkids! Come see what Meemaw made for you!”

  25. Colin

    I see she went to the launch as an Orc.

  26. jaqy

    the monster that ate Christina!

  27. Mwaddams

    Looks like they’re casting the live action movie of little mermaid and found the sea witch.

  28. squishy

    Gross, another Cindy Lauper in the making…poor lass!!

  29. Johnny P!

    Hey! Christina! Show us your best Renee Zellweger face!

  30. ayo

    Bet she shaved her head like Britney Spears but the paps weren’t around to catch it cuz’ no body really gives a shit about Christina

  31. sweetlips

    She looks so much better without the bleached hair and skanky makeup. He chin in the above pic rivals that of Miss Witherspoon.

  32. TomFrank

    I know who this is. This is that guy who lip-synched “Say Say Say” on Puttin’ on the Hits with half his face made up to look like Paul McCartney, and the other half Michael Jackson. This time, half his face is Christina Aguilera, and the other half Lady Gaga. I just never knew they did a song together.

  33. Tillman

    Thar she blows!

  34. CranAppleSnapple

    You should see her from the front. She has an inch deep of powder and bronzer covering her hairline. Blech.

  35. stevebeagle

    turning into her mother

  36. tayker

    When did Cyndi Lauper get fat?

  37. yeahright

    ew, it smells like Britney Spears in here

  38. Radadoon

    Who needs words?

  39. Little Tongue

    Bianca Castafiore sure is aging well!

  40. DontMindMe

    Practicing her face for the remake of “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

  41. Christina walking by the salad bar.

  42. Edit: Christina Aguilera passing the salad bar at the SKYRIM launch party in Los Angeles. (November 8, 2011)

  43. Gutsmack

    This walking, talking, ball of lard scares the hell out of me.

  44. who keeps throwing this poor girl out of the ugly tree?

  45. Stucco

    Hmm, when did my grandma get big titty implants?

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