1. They must be on a kid shopping trip. I hear the Japanese babies are two for one.

  2. Whoaaaa..he´s lookin rough! He reminds me of Rolf Harris!!

  3. She is such a stank.

  4. BenDoverman

    She’s lookin’ faker than a RealDoll.

  5. Barbosa

    wow..angelina’s arms no longer resemble those of skeletor.. Nice work!

    • Barbosa

      nevermind…i just looked at the rest of the pics at just jared and this one is clearly an imposter

  6. gingerpie

    somewhere in los angeles, jennifer aniston has just burned benihana to the ground.

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Aw, they look so happy. No one has the heart to tell them the CAM is finally out.

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    They’re making these wax figures extremely real… I can practically smell the cigarettes and vodka through the screen.

  9. cc

    Just musing out loud…I wonder how many men she has slept with?

  10. Take them out of those designer clothes and they look like just your average everyday couple of molesters living out of a van in the bowling alley parking lot.

  11. squishy

    Hot stuff!!

  12. Raoul

    You just know they have hot old people sex.

  13. thespiral

    You can practically smell the massive clouds of smug these two fart out on an hourly basis.

  14. AnnaDraconida

    She’s lookin’ good. Apparently she’s gained a few much-needed pounds.

  15. Tillman

    “Like ‘em? We got ‘em plumped up when she went in for lip maintenance. Half price!”

  16. Swearin

    Jessica Rabbit in real life and her coke dealer

  17. Tinklepants Astronaut

    Chia Brad and Play-Doh Angelina are sure to be big hits with the kids this Xmas.

  18. bloodtooth

    When did Hollywood’s most attractive couple suddenly become not so attractive?

  19. “I’d like y’all ta meet my wife and my sister…”

  20. Lisa

    Damn she got old looking. Marriage and motherhood has faded her good looks fast. And that lighter hair color is not helping either. She’s like Cher. Both are best with dark hair.

  21. Star Droppings

    I wonder if they hired stylists, or just got ready in their airstream.

  22. Steelerchick

    Is this the “we don’t give a shit what we look like look because they are in Japan”????

  23. shit smells different in tokyo

  24. Obviously as soon as they wave bye bye to the kiddies for a night on the town, they fire up the bong. No judgement, just an observation. She could stand to get the munchies more often.

  25. martian

    her arms seem to be finally normal.

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