1. it had to be said

    Nice ass. Wonky-assed face.

  2. Johnny P!

    A new “Bridget Jones’ Diary” movie out again?!?

  3. BigOkie

    When did Snooki change her name to Lauren Goodger?

  4. Not bad, but a little too much Kardashian for my taste.

  5. Tron

    Who? And who gives a crap?

  6. alex

    Jennifer Aniston mated with Miley Cyrus.

  7. Dude

    The two girls in the background are way hotter than her!

  8. cc

    The redhead immediately behind her…holy shit, who is THAT?!!

  9. Remember when Bart freeze-framed Ralph Wiggum’s heart breaking? This is like that only it’s when a blot clot formed in her brain.

  10. Hottest stroke victim ever.

  11. Little Tongue

    Once upon a time, fat assed women used to hide their behind best they could (or, at least, tried to do something, anything, about it). Nowadays, their huge buckets is the first thing they show anyone who dares to look their way. Can’t anyone pass a law about this? Please?

    • Sorry, but this is not a fat ass. Rounder and fuller than you like, maybe, but if you want to see a fat ass, just go to your local Walmart. Or wait for the next Kim Kardashian pic, which is probably coming up soon, because Fish can’t go a day now without posting some new picture of her doing nothing special, even though it started to get old a long time ago.

    • We can’t pass a law about ladies butt-cheeks, ‘cos Romney didn’t get in. :D

  12. tlmck

    And they say the job market is down when there is a multi-billion “launch” industry creating new jobs every day.

  13. Primitivefix06

    Is lipsy London love code name for whore convention?

  14. Trying too hard.

  15. I’m going to let the rest of you off the hook. I like her, and I’ll take her.


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