1. ThisWillHurt

    An openly gay man who works in children’s educational programing voted for Obama? Get out!

  2. it had to be said

    Why does a blind guy need the other pair of glasses?

  3. Hey reading rainbow…that says “sample ballot”, it doesn’t count.

    • 1NDUN

      A GOP trick that didn’t work out like they hoped. They targeted the dense population areas, but didn’t realize that word is a homonym.

  4. I don’t know who he voted for, but he gets MY vote for whitest black guy ever.

    • What about Wayne Brady? :D

      • Yeah… Wayne Brady takes that one. Hell, LeVar played Kunta Kinte in Roots… it don’t get any blacker than that.

      • I must be old. I remember when Bryant Gumbel held that title. In fact, I still remember that class in college 22 years that somehow devolved into all the African-American students saying that they really didn’t consider Bryant Gumbel to be black. Our professor, also African-American, was dumbfounded: “But…but…he’s black, y’all!”

        (I hope none of those classmates reads this site because they might figure out who I am.)

      • Oh yeah, I forgot about Gumbel!

  5. EricLr

    I’m taking it back. Some wise-ass poll-worker wrote down “Toby” as my name.

  6. This man is another one who gets a pass from me. From “Roots” to “Reading Rainbow” to Star Trek” there’s just too much awesome in this man’s career to lump him in with the assholes I make fun of on a daily basis.

  7. LOL… of course he’s wearing a Reading Rainbow shirt!

  8. Tron

    LeVar Burton and Wayne Brady should go bowling together.

  9. BP

    Wonder who he voted for? Duh…….

    • I know, right! Those Hollywood liberals are so in the tank for the Democrats. Plus his being a PBS children’s programming star means he was probably all over that “don’t fire Big Bird” shi—ohhhhh, you mean because he’s black.

  10. This man does no wrong.

  11. More like Raping Rainbow.

  12. LilDeuceDeuce

    I’m confused…I honestly clicked on this thinking it was Sinbad (the comedian, not the pirate.)

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