1. I guess there is a benefit to being old… People just think this is funny. Try pulling this shit off when you’re 25.

  2. Opening the Gates of Morcock.

  3. If you print that design on the inside, would it help with farting? That would be helpful.

  4. Obviously, he rarely wears these undies.

  5. “Magneto’s Taint” on the next Geraldo.

  6. argleblargle

    I see Miley has been doing some squats. Go girl!

  7. This is fucking awesome

  8. Fruity Mcsaggyballs says ” No kidney stone shall pass!”

  9. so gandalf is spokesperson for magical depends.
    makes sense.

  10. Dude’s got an awesome sense of humour.

  11. … unless you’re gas

  12. s45qu4tch

    Now we know Ian McKellen is a top.
    I’m gonna go scrub my brain with bleach now.

  13. …And now, a message from the republican party.

  14. I could have gone my entire life without this image scalded into my cortex. My Entire. Fucking. Life.

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