1. While they both have hosted the same show, I fear those 2 dogs will have two very different fates.

  2. Drew, Drew, Drew… jumping the shark was too easy for you, wasn’t it?

  3. “Can we eat them at the break?” asked Bob earnestly.

  4. Flatliner

    Bob still looks like he could go Happy Gilmour on Drew’s ass

  5. Chaz

    In a strange turn of events, Bob Barker is now fatter than Drew Carey.

  6. Danimal

    I’m not comfortable with Drew Carey being thin.

  7. Bob hasn’t blinked since 1983.

  8. alexxx3488

    Preciiooooussssss. My Preeeeeccciiiooooouussss.

  9. crb

    The blood in that dog will only suffice as a light snack for Vlad Barker

  10. Everyone

    They both look horrible.

  11. “I can’t wait to cut these dogs’ balls off” – Bob Barker.

  12. Shortly thereafter the SPCA is called to dislodge some puppies from a plinko machine

  13. bob

    So many good comments on this pic from the site regulars. Thanks for the lulz, guys.

  14. “This is Bob Barker saying have your replacement spayed or neutered.”

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