1. Not the sloppiest thing to ever mount her I guess…

  2. and the dog died later of unnatural causes

  3. Flatliner

    I hope that dog is a bitch because its going to be wearing a lot of makeup after this.

  4. “..just the tip….?”

    “Ok, fine.”

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    They’re just going too fucking far with plastic surgery these days.

  6. Am I too late to get in on all the “Look at those puppies” jokes?

  7. yumm

    poor dog seems too tired .

  8. JungleRed

    Ice-T has never looked better.

  9. lawn

    Who is the woman with her?

  10. CrimKing

    Where does one end and the other begin???

  11. I wish I could rest on those sweater puppies too.

  12. malaka

    better not wake cerberus.

  13. Dox

    No question. The dog has a cuter face.

  14. What a beautiful little moment. I know how she feels. I love my dog too.

  15. boj

    Bae caught us sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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