1. I’d show her my Mjolnir, if I could pronounce it :(

  2. “I’m a professional actress…that’s why I’m posing in underwear.”

  3. She looks like she could take a solid punch to the jaw.

  4. George P Burdell

    Wonder Women could spin until her clothes came off. This impostor quit before the job was done.

  5. Krtecek

    I don’t like her already.

  6. crb

    This and the imdb pix for Sif, that is not the right angle to photo her face.

  7. Always surprising when this site posts pics of an actually attractive woman, instead of fat trolls named Kardashian.

  8. Yep. Wonder Woman all the way.

  9. ” Whether I’m lassoing up bad guys or chasing evildoers in my invisible jet, I’m ready for anything in my Wonderbra.”

  10. Any of y’all see her in Kyle XY? I have known since then – 2007, damnit – that she would be the perfect Wonder Woman. She’s such an ass kicker it’s ridiculous. And hot. And a compelling actress. It pisses me off that everyone seems to be like “Oh she’s perfect! ……Except she’ll be TERRIBLE because she doesn’t have giant cans.”

    No doubt this Wonder Woman will be an updated modern woman….not an antiquated big-tittied bitch with ferocious back problems. And in any case, y’all know she can just slap on a super push-up bra and CGI will take care of the rest if need be, right? Hopefully the fact that she can do her own stunts easily, act well, and -minus the ridiculous boobs- looks the part will negate the need for all that superficial bullshit.

    Oh I see what I did there… superficial bullshit… *slams a beer back* NIGHT YOU GUYS!

  11. Yoda Mann

    Ah, the perfect Photoshopped picture sporting the knowing smile that says, Yeah, I’m cute, but I know you’re looking at my ass you bad boys. And I like that I know you’re looking at me bum you bum lookers.

    Seen it a million times.

    Never gets old.

  12. Yoda Mann

    Ah, crap hardly noticed she has no chest. You tricky sultry vixen.

    OK, nevermind. Still interested.

  13. Christ I wish those nude/flesh-toned heels would die. I keep seeing them and they just make women look like they have giant mutant Tarantino-fantasy feet. Blehh.

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