1. “You know what I’d do to you Mario? First, I’d lay you down…”
    “Hold on, I’m about to clear level 2 of Angry Birds…”

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    At least she’s preparing for the inevitable Clooney dumping that should happen in a few months.

    Oh wait… Ms. Keibler, George is on the phone for you from a blocked number.

  3. “Sure, call me anytime. My number is 911, I had it shortened”

  4. Venom

    “George has wanted to hook up with you for a long time now, call me and I will set it up”

  5. “Ready? Here it is. 555-FUCK YOU I’M BANGING GEORGE CLOONEY.”

  6. Who would have thought that M-Lo would be doing the best out of the entire cast of Saved By the Bell?

  7. ri

    “Can you set the lawn mower blade a little higher next time? George said it was too short last week.”

  8. Well sonofbitch! I’m actually a little bit jealous that she didn’t give her number to me.

  9. “I’ll tell you what, Mario. Throw in the small dent in the passenger side door for that one hundred dollars and we have a deal.”

  10. Uncle Phil

    “Hang on. I gotta send this to Gosselaar.”

  11. “by the way, I loved you on Friends”

  12. Ms. Hancock

    Don’t call after 10 or what’s his name is gonna throw a tantrum.

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