1. Gerttastic

    Madame? Good to see you again.

  2. Wow, it’s like seeing a thinner crazier version of Kristie Alley….

  3. rupert

    Nobody every accused her of being a smoking hot momma but she has more talent in her giant face than Kim Kardasian has in her whole body. (including the arse)

  4. Someone Else

    That’s my same Hot Cleveland face.

  5. Hugh Gentry

    jesus christ, I thought it was Pink. what a fugly chick.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Is that how repressed GOP housewives react when they see porn for the first time?

  7. “Yeah, I was on Third Rock From The Sun. You want me to sit next to Ginger from Gilligan’s Island? OK.”

  8. Hey, Kristen! Nice chest zit!

  9. Evil Dick Tater

    Wow and I always thought Dick and Harry Solomon were the weird ones.

  10. Colin

    She did the face for her Tori Spelling impression right, but that spot on her chest isn’t quite cavernous enough.

  11. Doesn’t know whether to swallow or spit.

  12. Mike Walker

    Ooooohhhh… ching chong, ting tong, ling long… oooooohhh.

  13. tlmck


  14. Noel

    zoom shows she has blow in her blow hole.

  15. Uncle Phil

    Look. We all appreciate your yelling at Octomom on the plane, but that doesn’t give you license to look like that.

  16. Mickey Rourke in drag.

  17. Holy mother of all pig faces…OINK OINK.

  18. stevebeagle


  19. jaded

    What’s the big deal? It’s a muppet movie, of course Miss Piggy would be at the premiere…

  20. I guess she went to Tori Spelling’s surgeon.

  21. Phaid

    Looks like Queen Latifah lost some weight.

  22. Moe

    Ooooooooh, it that a cookie?

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