1. Wow, only someone as narcissistic as her would actually attend Harvard just to be able to wear the clothing…

    • squishy

      So true! Twat!

    • Dante

      Harvard is a joke. It used to be a good school 40 years ago, but now you can get the same information at your local community college and still attend classes at Harvard on-line. You don’t even have to go, to be able at add Harvard to you resume, just enroll in a class and put it on your resume. Your future employer will only be told that you were registrar there. That’s all they need, none of them care about if you graduated or not. Just a small bit of information for all of you unemployed job seekers out there.

    • She enrolled in a ONE YEAR program at Harvard that has no admission standards beyond “Must be able to sign large check”.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Ah, the mythical sixhead I’ve heard about, but never seen before.

  3. Hugh Gentry

    are you sure it’s not just some homeless chick?

  4. Venom

    Yep, just double checked Wiki and she did not attend Harvard, Harvard’s B school or any other B school or university for that matter.

    Why must people who have never attended these universities persist in wearing their clothing?

    • That was some thorough research you did.

      “In 2011, Banks enrolled in the Owner/President Management Program (OPM) at the Harvard Business School. Banks is planning to graduate Harvard in February 2012.” – Tyra Banks’s Wikipedia page

      Source: The Harvard Crimson

      • Venom

        She is not in a degree program. Anyone can enroll in those programs. I had an old supervisor years ago that did the same thing at Wharton. It is just a fancy way for someone to say they attended Harvard or whatever school without actually really attending.

        Kind of like the reverends in the churches that call themselves doctors when they have no bachelors degree, no master degree and no Ph.D.

        Now run back to your research and try again…

      • Nice try, but neither of us said anything about a “degree program.” You said categorically that she had no connection to Harvard Business School, when in fact, she is enrolled in an HBS program that, like it or not, confers HBS alumni status to graduates. (It’s also probably more selective than your “anyone can enroll in these programs” yardstick, but hey, prove me wrong and get accepted yourself.)

        And this was all about whether she was entitled to wear that sweatshirt, remember? She’s enrolled in a program at Harvard Business School, she’s paying them tuition—$31,000 for the first three-week session!—so, yeah, she’s entitled to wear their sweatshirt.

        Stop being so pissy and just admit you goofed.

  5. Deacon Jones

    So they’re officially making “Mummy 4″?

  6. So does she dispense tickets from her mouth?

  7. Dr Ha-Ha

    That’s the face she always makes when someone asks her what meals she served the students at Harvard.

  8. Poor Skeletor fell asleep in a tanning bed again, didn’t he?

  9. Must have just flown in from Area 51.

  10. “Mmmmm…what, exactly, does a cavity search consist of…and who’s going to perform it???”

  11. stevebeagle

    she’s an idiot

  12. jaded

    It’s easy to look lit up when you have a lightbulb head

  13. Brogain

    Are you serious, I’m going bald?

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