1. How cute, a mini gangsta… I just wanna hold him and walk him to his jail cell.

  2. Any Guy

    c’mon son. a belt clip for your cell? corny.

  3. Venom

    What is one of the least talented and most annoying people on the planet for $100 Alex.

  4. Those street vendors are fucking annoying.

  5. bob

    At least his sausage fingers aren’t visible.

  6. Is “drug dealer chic” a thing now?

  7. popdeath

    Kapha deranged.

  8. Ice Cube’s mini-me.

  9. “Dog, what up wit dis shit? I stands here and stands here wit my thumb out and a big-ass smile, but ain’t nobody ’bout to give a brutha a ride.”

  10. GuyLeDouche

    Those are the droopiest moobs I’ve ever seen. If he ever has to jump up and down. they’ll slap people looking out of a third floor window.

  11. DeucePickle

    Pimpin’ ain’t even possible for this dude.

  12. What Diddy would look like if he gained 200lbs.

  13. He was funny at the Charlie Sheen roast. It’s sad that he died.


  14. Swearin

    NBC really is suffering cutbacks; Cee Lo has to serve as host AND security guard on The Voice now.

  15. stevebeagle

    go home, shave & wash up..your not hard

  16. Cartman

    Hey fuck you too.

  17. Frank

    I’m the wise janitor. I’m here to help you get your throw back.

  18. joe mama


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