1. As Cowell spots another man with exposed moobs, he can only wonder how such an insolent person presume to usurp his crow of moobihood.
    This must be settled in the ancient form of combat: NIPPLE TO NIPPLE!!

  2. “Yes actually, I am proud of my chest pubes.”

  3. You ARE the Father!

  4. Flatliner

    As Simon just spotted Clarkson, he’s thinking how awesome it would be to get her before the next trimester.

  5. Dear Gordon Ramsay,

    THIS is why you do not allow Simon Cowell to convince you to get facial fillers. THIS RIGHT HERE.

  6. This motherfucker…

  7. Those Tussaud people are amazingly talented

  8. Freebie

    Does he really think showing his hairy chest (circa 80′s) is sexy? The only thing sexy about him is his money.

  9. He is gross. Just gross.

  10. You would think, with all his millions, he could afford to buy a shirt with some fucking buttons?

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