1. The poor man’s Charlie Sheen. What’s the over/under on how many years this kid has left?

  2. Based on the facial expression, sometimes the “escort” part of the job follows the “other stuff” part of the job.

  3. JPC

    You can tell things are going bad for Corey when he can’t even afford a hooker who’ll pretend she isn’t disgusted to be with him.

  4. Flatliner

    Very NOT nice

  5. I’d be pissed if the agency substituted my normal hookers with that one.

  6. Cock Dr

    Given the expression on her face I’m guessing she’s even more unhappy with those cameras flashing than when she initially received her handler’s instructions that the client “wants you to wear a skirt so thin and tight that he can count the cunt hairs”.

  7. “OK, Chantelle, hold it together. Just remember: $750 a night will buy a lot of bleach and hair degreaser.”

  8. alex

    Is that a cum stain on her skirt (near the belly button area)?

  9. Looks like only one hooker survived the pre-party at Corey’s house. And from the look on her face, it’s not too certain about this one either.

  10. Blob

    Was that *at* Bootsy Bellows, or *and* Bootsy Bellows?
    Not much puff left in that pair.

  11. Ladypants

    You know it’s tough times for prostitutes when they start accepting gift cards.

  12. chrisbreezyboxingacademy

    this is what happens when you rat out the big-time hollywood pedofiles: escort agencies only send you the chicks who look like they waitress at ruby tuesday

  13. He’s the only person on Earth who’s I imagine smells more like stale cigarettes and Jameson than Lindsay Lohan.

  14. Fancy Face

    Ahh, it appears his hooker budget is dwindling so he had to switch to the low-cost model.

  15. Drugs.

    Lots of drugs.

  16. maoix

    “What? The undead are fair game.”

  17. Even though she is getting paid, the look of shame on her face is saddening.

  18. “They told me that you usually book two women, so I wouldn’t have to do all the work.”

    “And they told me you’d be free of diseases. So I guess we’re both going to be disappointed tonight.”

  19. Don Draper's Dad

    WHOA! C-Feld is behind on his hooker tab.

  20. Damn. When a hooker looks disgusted to be with you, it’s time to re-evaluate your life.

    • crb

      Well, she still has a little fat on her, so she could be rendered-down for a little less than the cost of energy to do it.

      After selling it to a few chemlabs, he could just deposit her carcass back by the overpass where he first saw her.

      -But that’s like every Thursday for Feldman, right?

  21. Looks like the meds have just about kicked in.

  22. “Be a whore, they said… see the world, they said… “

  23. cc

    Two minutes before ‘Hey, look, will you walk past those photographers with me for a sawbuck?’

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