1. Deacon Jones

    “Hey guys! Deacon Jones gave me this bike to play with, he’s got some more back at his house. He says he’s having a big pool party later on!”

  2. What does the Fox say?

    “I wish I didn’t have parkinsons”

  3. Must have just taken the training wheels off. He’s a bit shaky.

  4. Joe

    Nikon introduces the Ultra-fast Shutter Speed SLR 9000 Digital Camera.

  5. fred

    The Jazzi 30 is a far superior ride if you ask me, but whatever.

  6. will not say anything bad about MJF. BTTF and TW are among my favorite movies.

  7. It’s shake rattle and roll for Michael J. Fox, so now i’ve said it I need Fox to mix up some trail mix for me.

  8. Normally, I’d say wear a helmet.

  9. “If I can just get this thing up to 88 miles per hour…”

  10. Sadly, muscle spasms forced his speed up to over 70 miles an hour and he shot off the end of Chelsea Piers.

  11. Butch

    “I’m a little pumpkin, short and stout . . .”

  12. “Vodka martini, shaken, not…. oh, sorry”

  13. “Mommy I got an ‘A’ on my spelling test !”

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