1. j/k

    Didn’t I tell you his douche aura can knock a man down?

  2. Wonderful, now he has jedi powers… Granted we should have known all along. After all, that ass doesn’t spread itself…

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Holy shit! Now Alec Baldwin is invisible?

  4. I see Vlade Divac is now a paparazzo.

  5. Have you heard that new song with his fat-ass wife fucking him on a motorcycle that he clearly can’t ride? Forget the video…that song is one of the worst things my ears have ever heard. It’s absolutely embarrassingly horrible. Sounds like a 3-year old wrote a song. How is this guy popular?

  6. “Don’t worry my brother, you will be avenged!”

  7. Day #5896, Kanye is still the only person wearing leather jogging pants.

  8. Billy Connolly’s favorite game: Steer the paparazzi backwards down a flight of steps.

  9. Kanye West merely looked at the paparazzi and they went down. Hahaha.

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